License Agreement with "Bananfish"

by jaewang.jung / 2013. 07. 25. [07:10]

As of 3 June, 2013,

The license agreement of ProudNet Mobile Premium was entered into with "Bananafish".

We will give full support to project success.

License Agreement with "Wemade Entertainment"

by jaewang.jung / 2013. 07. 25. [07:03]

As of 28 April, 2013,

The license agreement of ProudNet Mobile Ultimate was entered into with "Wemade Entertainment".

We will give full support to project success.  

Official Website of "Herowarz"

by jaewang.jung / 2013. 07. 25. [06:31]

Official website of "Herowarz" - online game, developed by Astorm is now on service in Korea.

"Herowars" has been developed by using ProudNet.

Social Game Development by using ProudNet & Unity engine

by jaewang.jung / 2013. 07. 25. [06:17]

The below URL lets you be familiar with the way of developing a very simple social game.


Here are some of the details.

1. To use ProudNet together with Unity engine.

2. To use ProudNet Networking System.

3. To use ProudNet DB cache system. 

Introduction of Multi Play by using ProudNet

by jaewang.jung / 2013. 07. 25. [06:10]

Nettention president introduced the way of real-time multi play social game development at the Unite Korea conference hold at Konkuk university (2013.04.11).

ProudNet powered MMO game '2112' developed by Emobi Games

by mjkim / 2013. 02. 01. [08:37]




Please check out the Emobi Games' MMO game called 2112





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ProudNet powered Action MORPG game 'Closers' developed by Naddic Games

by tomlee / 2012. 12. 26. [11:27]


Pictures provided by:


'Closers' is a ProdNet powered game which is an Action MORPG game. The game is an animation style and the backgroung is placed in Seoul. The game is soon to be in beta stage in 2013 and serviced in 2014.

To see trailers and pictures please follow the link:

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Rusty Hearts’ to service in China with Xunlei Games

by tomlee / 2012. 12. 07. [10:21]

Developer of ‘Rusty Hearts’, Windysoft, announced that the ProudNet powered game has made an agreement with China Xunlei Games to service their game in China. Another great news from our client.

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Meet us at Warsaw Poland on 20~21 November.

by soda / 2012. 11. 20. [09:43]


Meet us at Warsaw Poland on 20~21 November.




Nettention`s president Mr. Bae and 20 companies of game development in South Korea conveys great news in 20~21 November at Warsaw Poland.




ProudNet of Nettention is high-performance server & Network Middleware engine and  benefit to game development company.


-.High-performance server and proven performance and reliability for MMORPG, FPS and other genres


- PC, mobile, browser for network client


- Outstanding feature adaptation


- A powerful peer-to-peer communication capabilities


- Database cache system


- Communication system among servers




Please find us in the Warsaw Poland 20~21 November.


- seminar room & meeting: Warsaw hall 2 in Warsaw hotel. +48 22 356 5536.    Add: Grzybowska 63, 00 844 Warszawa.


- representative: Ms. ANNA WIERUS(M: +48 661 977 013)


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Meet us at Amersfoort Netherland on 22~23 November.

by soda / 2012. 11. 19. [14:18]

Meet us at  Amersfoort Netherland!




Please drop in us and have a nice chat about getting help for your online game development, knowing a powerful game server and network engine ProudNet, and have business relationship.




Site information:


Amersfoort Netherland on 22~23st November.


Add: Rijtuigenloods / HerikRail Piet Mondriaanplein 61, 3812 GZ Amersfoort. B2B(Business Meeting) Place : Carriage



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