Big update coming next year for ProudNet mobile version

by tomlee / 2012. 11. 12. [10:18]

An important update for our engine will be coming up next year. This update will allow secure network function that will allow real time multi-play in the changing stage of 3G to Wi-Fi. Wireless communication disconnection due to players moving around places has been a big problem when developing real time multi-play mobile games. The update will allow secured multi-play even if the wi-fi signal is low. It will also prevent communication packet loss and detect frequency fast. Another major problem with mobile games was the battery consumption. ProudNet will lower the battery consumption of the game and will manage the battery consumption efficiently.


ProudNet mobile version can be used in social games, messengers, real time multi-play games and even in video transfer. The engine supports Unity, Flash, Native iOS/Android (coming soon!) and Marmalade. It is especially optimized for Unity and freedom for developers is high. Our current internal testing shows that a server machine can hold up to 13,000 players in a MMORPG.


There are two types of engine, ProudNet All-platform and mobile. All-Platform includes platform for PC and Mobile. The mobile version only supports mobile platforms. Developers using our All-platform will be able to launch their games on PC and mobile platforms.

For those who have been waiting for the Native iOS/Android update, we’re almost there to make the update. You’ll be able to download the update soon next year.

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