Nettention CEO - Bae Hyun-Jik "Server engine is swan's feet"

by nettadmin / 2011. 03. 24. [07:54]

Jung Yun-Hui, Reporter, 2/25/2010, 00:41PM

[ZDnet Korea]”The last drop of coffee has to be delicious, server engine has to solve even 1% of problem” Bae Hyun-Jik, Game Tech 2010

Game Tech 2010 has successfully finished with more than 1,000 famous game developers.

CEO Bae was first speaker of Track 2 and he was lecturing about future game technique’s point and next generation engine-middle ware.

ProudNet is Game server and Network engine that developed by Nettention. Currently more than 40 companies applied ProudNet for their current project and it support wide range of genres such as MMORPG, FPS, SNS and etc.

He compared server engine with swan’s feet on the water. He said “ProudNet is different with 3D engine, so I haven’t got anything to show you guys. But we are doing lots of job underneath”

He mentioned “Good engine must make feel comfortable to developers without any confusion” and “Engine has to be heavy duty like Superman”

He was pointing out designing engine and said “ProudNet has 170,000 lines of source”, “I just focused on stable engine so it became this huge size of source”

Also he said “In good server engine case, 95% of users happy with it and 4% of users are cleared problems by upgrade or reinstall but 1% become malignancy users. So purpose of server engine is preventing 1% of malignancy users.”

He introduced advantage and disadvantage of TCP and UDP function and he explained more detail about usage case of ProudNet with Round1 to 14. Also attendee asked questions and discussed together.

CEO Bae said “No one can expect future networking environment so I always collect brand new internet equipments and test with it.”

Also Nettention is developing demo game for testing ProudNet and may release around middle of this year.

He was quite comfortable overcome new problem.

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