ProudNet for Unity 3D close beta testing is in progress

by nettadmin / 2011. 08. 24. [16:18]

Now we are working on ProudNet for Unity 3D beta testing.

ProudNet for Unity 3D is game server & network engine for 'Unity 3D' that use generally nowadays.

ProudNet and ProudNet for Unity3D are both include Packet Encryption, Packet Compressing, RPC function, etc. Also it makes easy to develop online game with Shard server developing module and DB cache system.

You can use C++ and C# for server side developing. In addition you can hold a couple of 10,000 concurrent users with only 1 server process. If you construct with multi-shard then it will hold more concurrent users!

C++ API of ProudNet for Unity3D and ProudNet is exactly the same. Also it is possible to play between C++ Clinet and Unity3D Clinet!
You can develop with FPS, MMORPG, etc, what ever you want!

Of course you can use ProudNet API's P2P related function on Unity3D

Please request trial version through our website