Nettention took part in G-Star 2014

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 11. 28. [04:48]

G-Star 2014, one of the biggest game exhibitions was held in Busan BEXCO from 2014.11.20 to 2014.11.23.

Nettention participated in this exhibition to introduce ProudNet which is a game server & network engine.

A lot of visitors came and visit us to get to know more about ProudNet.






ProudNet introduction at G-Star 2014

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 11. 05. [10:46]

Nettention CEO gave lectures.

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 10. 30. [12:29]

Nettention CEO gave lectures on the subject of distributed game server.

A lot of game developers took the lecture and they were very satisfied with his lecture.




Nettention has a joint seminar with UNITY

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 09. 29. [07:22]

Nettention has a joint seminar with UNITY on the 25th of September in Kangnam area.

Nettention provides ProudNet (Game Server Network Engine) which is the best-known engine in Korea and UNITY provide UNITY (Client Engine) which is also the best-known engine in Korea.

Mr. Hyunjik Bae (Nettention CEO) made a speech about various considerations for smartphone online games and UNITY 5.0 new functions were introduced by UNITY CTO.

Mr. Hyungjin Yoon who are using UNITY and ProudNet introduced strengths of UNITY and ProudNet.


Nettention participated in Global Mobile Vision 2014

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 09. 24. [09:52]

Nettention took part in Global Mobile Vision 2014 which was held in KINTEX from 9.17 to 9.19.

Global Mobile Vision is the Korea's leading mobile exhibition in which a lot of companies related to mobile business.

Nettention member introduced ProudNet to many visitors.






Nettention participated in ChinaJoy2014

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 09. 03. [04:32]

ChinaJoy 2014 was held in Shanghai. [2014.07.31~2014.08.03]

Nettention Booth - What a nice booth it is~!



Nettention sales member met many customers to introduce ProudNet. 



Nettention CEO had an interview with the press.


There was as interesting party as well. During the party, Nettention members had a conversation with people in the various fields. 


Nettention took part in GDC 2014

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 04. 08. [04:59]

GDC 2014 was held in San Francisco. [2014.03.17~2014.03.21]

Nettention participated in this event as an exhibitor to introduce ProudNet to many developers.

Most developers who Nettention member met were very interested in ProudNet and they were willing to have experience in the performance of ProudNet.

By keeping in touch with them, we will let them know about ProudNet.


Fish Riots - MMO Flappy Jumpers is on service (Google Play & App Store)

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 03. 14. [12:52]

Fish Riots is on service at Google Play store & App store.

Why dont you join this game?

Lets be one of many fishes~~J 


Google Play

App store



The list of ProudNet-powered mobile games

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 03. 12. [06:53]

As of March, 2014

19 ProudNet-powered mobile games are on service and are stable under any circumstance.

It has been proven that ProudNet is suitable for mobile games (not only for PC game) to deal with various situations in mobile network. 




Fish Riots - MMO Flappy Jumpers is on service.

by jaewang.jung / 2014. 03. 12. [06:44]

Nettention has developed a mobile game named "Fish Riots".

Totally differentiated from other similar games like Flappy Bird.


Fish Riots is the real-time multi-play online game in which players all over the world are competing.


Why not win the first prize among the tens of thousands of concurrent players?